Samsunnahar O Monowara Begum Madrasa

About Us

Samsunnahar O Monowara Begum Madrasa aims to enlighten humans with a blend of religious education along with contemporary issues of Muslim Ummah in the eye of scientific and modern education. This educational entity was founded by beloved father Ahmad Hossain khan in 2003. The whole maintenance and expenses were being carried over by our family members with the help of relations and neighbors. Specially by Rahmat Hossain khan the youngest son of Ahmad Hossain.

Ahmad Hossain khan

Ahammad Hossain khan was born in the northern region of Bangladesh. The place covered with abundant green grass and green trees with the splash of diverting streams flowing village Pirgacha under Rangpur district. He devoted his entire life for the cause of the village people on the side of his teaching profession. Community peace and prosperity was his life long target. He was the pioneer of Mitigation of family dispute around the village periphery. We seek your ' Doa' as he is still alive at the age of about 92 years. Ameen.

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